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Sunday, January 6, 2008

toooo muchhhhh

I have so much to post, it's ridiculous. Literally. Ridiculous. I probably won't even post all of it, simply because I am L-A-Z-Y. And to further prove that point, I will shortly explain this post and then finish it off with, oh, 20+ pictures. Yay!

So, this is apparently very old news, but it's new to me (and therefore hopefully new to someone else as well.) One of my all-time favorite clothing stores, Nylon Outfitters, has a big and delicious and sumptuous freebie... treasure-trove of tastiness. In other words, I noticed (finally) the freebie sign on the wall, paid $1L, and consequentially, I was rewarded with many, many beautiful pieces of apparel (among other things, including a groovy disco ball.) Having said all that, here is only SOME of what I found:

shirts & sweaters

more tops

more tops, pants

prettyful dresses

more dresses and tops

even more tops... yum!

fun 'i heart her/him' and 'i hate her/him' shirts & pants

lace underwear and snazzy print cardigans

and more,

and more,

and even more.

Plus, some fancy-pants key earrings from MCH:

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Creamy Cooljoke said...

Preeeettyy Satori. Oh and I love the skin you made, I blogged it and i'm wearing it all over the place. Super-cuteness :D